Our Story

In May, 2018, Erik and Bree attended the FEC church planter’s assessment in Fort Wayne which affirmed their calling from God to plant a church, and they began the long-term planning process. That process begins with a Community Assessment Process (CAP) to ensure that the church will be planted in the right place by the right person with the right plan. The CAP process takes 6 weeks and involves recruiting and training a team of 8-12 people. The team will help to gather research about the community around Minonk. They want to answer the question, “How is God is at work here?” While Erik works through the CAP process, he is teaching in the 3 supporting churches and meeting people who will help launch the new church.

After the CAP data has been collected, Erik will begin recruiting and training a launch team, most likely this summer. His family plans to relocate to Minonk this summer, too, because when God calls a church planter, He calls his entire family, including his children. The Minonk church launch is planned for October 2019, three years after it became an idea. In Ojibwe (Chippewa), Minonk means “a good place;” Erik Johnson and the three supporting churches agree.

Our Vision

We are a community of broken people who are being gracefully remade together in the image of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.